Luise Stauss is a Creative Director and Photography Consultant based in New York.  After having worked at the launch of T Magazine, and at the New York Times Magazine as a Senior Photo Editor for a decade, Luise started the studio with Ayanna Quint in 2014, taking her deep knowledge of photography and design to work with clients in both the publishing and advertising worlds. The studio creates imagery for design firms like Pentagram and brands like Apple, and collaborates with a wide range of international magazines and publishing houses. Luise has authored ‘Domains’, a design column for The New York Times Magazine and was a faculty member at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) where she taught Design and Photography. A graduate of Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in London, Luise holds a degree in Fashion and Communication Design.  She has co-edited the book ‘Drawing Fashion, a century of Fashion Illustration’ and is currently working on a book about the illustrator Renee Gruau. 

Ayanna Quint is a partner at Stauss & Quint. Before founding Stauss & Quint in 2014, Ayanna was consulting Photo Editor for a variety of print publications, including The Atlantic, The Ritz Carlton Magazine, GQ and Radar. She also worked as an Associate Producer on films such as The Toe Tactic, Ashes and The Wannabe and as a Photo Editor on documentaries such as About Face and The Out List for HBO. Soon after graduating from The Rhode Island School of Design with a degree in Photography, Ayanna was named Photo Editor at Out, which led to her roles as a staff Photo Editor at W and Teen People.